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Shroud name index `W'

Here is my first Shroud of Turin name index for `W', i.e. for persons associated with the Shroud whose surnames start with `W'.

[Left: Ian Wilson, Bradshaw Foundation]

I will add other names (not necessarily authors) beginning with "W" to this page, as and when I refer to them in a post.

The `tagline' quotes at the end will be about each person, in alphabetic order of each surname, and then in date order (most recent uppermost). See main name index A-Z for further details.

Wilson, Ian. 1941-. Author and historian. Wilson Graduated with honours in Modern History from Magdalen College, Oxford in 1963. He co-authored an award-winning BBC TV documentary about the Shroud of Turin, "The Silent Witness" (1979). Wilson is author of numerous books, including "Jesus: The Evidence" (1996) and "The Bible Is History" (2000). His books specifically or largely about the Shroud include: "The Turin Shroud" (1978), revised and titled in the USA, "The Shroud of Turin" (1979); "The Evidence of the Shroud" (1986), in the USA titled "The Mysterious Shroud" (1986); "Holy Faces, Secret Places" (1991); "The Blood and the Shroud" (1998); and with Barrie Schwortz, "The Turin Shroud: The Illustrated Evidence" (2000). Wilson and his wife Judith emigrated from Bristol, England in 1995 to Brisbane, Australia. See also Wikipedia and The Shroud Report video interview.

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"Ian Wilson was born in London and educated at Emanuel School and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he read history. An interest in the Shroud that developed in the 1960s led, in 1973, to his having the opportunity to examine the cloth closely over a three-day period; five years later, his The Shroud of Turin became a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. Among his other books are Jesus: The Evidence (1984) and The Evidence of the Shroud (Michael O'Mara Books, 1986), and he was co-author of the BAFTA Award-winning BBC TV documentary about the Shroud, The Silent Witness. He and his wife Judith now live near Brisbane, Australia, and as recently as March 2000 he was among thirty experts specially invited to Turin to discuss future researches into the Shroud. On this occasion he was again allowed a prolonged closeup examination of the cloth." (Wilson, I. & Schwortz, B., 2000, "The Turin Shroud: The Illustrated Evidence," Michael O'Mara Books: London, rear inside cover).

"Ian Wilson was born in 1941 and educated at Emanuel School, Wandsworth, and he graduated in Modern History from Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1963. His previous books include The Turin Shroud, Holy Faces, Secret Places, The Columbus Myth, Undiscovered, and Shakespeare: The Evidence. Since 1995 he and his wife have lived in Brisbane, Australia." (Wilson, I., 2000, "The Bible Is History," Regnery: Washington DC, rear inside cover).

"Born in London. in 1941, Ian Wilson was educated at Emanuel School, Wandsworth, and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he graduated in modern history in 1963. During his early career he became deeply interested in the Turin Shroud, and articles based on his researches led to a commission to write a book on the subject. Published in the UK and US in 1978, this became a worldwide bestseller. Simultaneously he co-authored a television documentary on the Shroud, The Silent Witness, which received wide acclaim and won the BAFTA award for TV documentary films. The Bible: The Evidence is among his future projects. (Wilson, I., 1996, "Jesus: The Evidence," [1984], Weidenfeld & Nicolson: London, Revised, rear cover).

"Ian Wilson was born in London in 1941. He was educated at the Emmanuel School and in 1963 received an honours degree in history from Magdalen College, Oxford. He first became interested in the Turin Shroud during his early career in newspapers. This interest led to the publication, in 1978, of his best-seller, THE SHROUD OF TURIN. He also co-authored the award-winning BBC TV programme SILENT WITNESS. Ian Wilson's other books include JESUS: THE EVIDENCE (1984), described by the GUARDIAN as 'vivid and gripping.' He lives with his wife and two sons near Bristol." (Wilson, I., 1986, "The Evidence of the Shroud," Guild Publishing: London, rear inside cover. Emphasis original).

Updated: 30 June 2015.


Rona Hart said...

Appreciate that this is a bit late, but I have only just read The Turin Shroud by Ian Wilson, having come across it in a second hand book shop.

Would just like to make one point. Wilson relates the story of the woman who wipes Jesus' face with her veil; the cloth then reveals 'the true image' ("Veronica")of Jesus' face. Jesus is reported to have said: All honour to you, courageous woman.

This may sound somewhat flowery in English, but the phrase 'all honour to you' is a regular expression in Hebrew (don't know about Aramaic) and is often used in the sense of 'good for you', or 'well done'. Similarly, the words courageous woman, recall another well known expression in Hebrew - eshet chayil. These are the first words in the famous lines in Proverbs, where the phrase is usually translated as 'a woman of worth'but could perhaps more readily be translated as woman of courage.

Although, as Wilson notes, the story doesn't come from the New Testament, and is thought of as a myth, I found it very interesting that the reported speech would translate back to Hebrew so readily.

Stephen E. Jones said...


Thanks for your interesting comment,

I will reply to it under my latest post, "Three-dimensional #20: The man on the Shroud: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!"

That way more people will see it.

Stephen E. Jones
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