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Index A-Z: Turin Shroud Encyclopedia

Turin Shroud Encyclopedia
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Index A-Z #1

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2019 is to try once more to

[Above (enlarge)[2]: Secondo Pia's 1898 negative photograph of the Shroud face, which because it is a photo-graphic positive, proved that the Shroud image is a photographic neg-ative! It is therefore, next to the Shroudman's image itself, the most important photograph ever taken!]

write an Encyclopedia of the Shroud. So this Index A-Z is part #1 of my new Turin Shroud Encyclopedia! This supersedes my previous attempts at a Shroud Encyclopedia on 20Jan15 and 20Jul14, and a Shroud Dictionary on 13Jan15. Each entry will be a separate post. Entries will normally be posted in the below alphabetic order. When this index page grows too long I will split it into "A-M" and "N-Z", etc. I will notify of entry updates in the background in that month's Shroud of Turin News. Today (7 April 2020) it occurred to me that, as it will take many years (if ever!) to get to topics that are further down the alphabet in this Encyclopedia, that I could provide interim links to posts where I have covered a topic and mark them with an asterisk * to show they are not an Encyclopedia page. Then when I come to that topic in this Encyclopedia it will help me write that topic's page.

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[Abgar V] [Abgar VIII] [Accetta, A] [acheiropoietos] [Acts of Thaddeus] [Adler, A] [Allen, N] [AMS] [Antioch] [Arculf] [Ashe, G] [Baima Bollone, P] [Balossino, N] [Barbet, P] [bas relief] [Besançon] [Bible*] [bilirubin] [bioplastic] [blood] [bones] [Bonnet-Eymard, B][Bucklin, R] [Bulst, W] [burial] [burial cloths] [burns] [Byzantine] [Calvin, J] [catacombs] [Chambéry] [Chartres cathedral*] [Chevalier, U] [Christianity] [Christ-see Jesus] [Clement VII] [cloth] [cloth collapse*] [coins] [coins over eyes*] [Constantine I] [Constantine VII] [Constantinople] [Crispino, D*] [crown of thorns] [crucifixion] [crusades] [Danin, A] [d'Arcis, P] [de Charny, G] [de Charny, G. I] [de Charny, G. II] [de Charny, M] [colour] [de Clari, R] [de la Roche, O] [de Lusignan, A] [de Poitiers, H] [de Vergy, J] [de Wesselow, T] [Delage, Y] [dimensions*] [DNA] [Doctrine of Addai] [Donahue, D*] [Edessa] [Enrie, G] [expositions] [fires] [flowers] [forgery] [Frei, M] [Gove, H] [Grail] [Green, M] [Gregory Referendarius] [Habermas, G] [hacking] [Hall, E] [Heaphy, T*] [Heller, J] [History] [How image formed (1)] [icon] [Image of Edessa] [Jackson, J] [Jehohanan*] [Jerusalem] [Jesus] [John] [Jones, S] [Justinian I] [Koch, K] [Kohlbeck, J] [Kouznetsov, D] [linen] [Linick, T] [Lirey] [Locations] [Louis I] [man on the Shroud] [Maillard reaction] [McCrone, W*] [Mesarites, N] [Morgan, R] [negative] [neutron flux] [Nickell, J] [Nitowski, E] [Objections] [Otterbein, A] [Pia, S] [Pilgrim's badge*] [poker holes*] [pollen] [Popes] [Pray codex*] [Prehistory] [radiocarbon dating] [Ramsey, C*] [Ravenna*] [relic] [Resurrection*] [reweaving] [Rinaldi, P] [Rogers, R] [Roman Catholic] [Savoy] [Scheuermann, O] [Schwortz, B] [scourged] [seam] [selvedge *] [Servant of the Priest*] [Shroud] [shrouds] [sidestrip *] [Sox, D*] [Stephen III] [STURP] [Sudarium of Oviedo*] [superficial] [Templars] [tetradiplon*] [Thaddeus] [three dimensional] [Thurston, H] [Transfiguration] [Turin] [Turin cathedral] [Turin commission] [Umberto II] [vaporograph] [Veronica] [Vial, G] [Vignon markings] [Vignon, P] [Walsh, J] [waterstains] [weave] [Whanger, A*] [Wilcox, R] [Willis, D] [Wilson, I] [wounds] [x-rays*] [Zugibe, F]
Continued in part #2 of this series.

1. This post is copyright. I grant permission to quote from any part of this post (but not the whole post), provided it includes a reference citing my name, its subject heading, its date and a hyperlink back to this page. [return]
2. "Holy Face of Jesus," Wikipedia, 16 April 2019. [return]

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