Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Main index A-Z: Turin Shroud Dictionary #1

Turin Shroud Dictionary
© Stephen E. Jones[1]

Main index A-Z

This 2015 Turin Shroud Dictionary has been superseded by my new 2019 <Turin Shroud Encyclopedia>.

I have re-started this my Turin Shroud Dictionary, because I discovered that Google searches do find words deep in my posts. I will re-start posting entry pages normally in alphabetical order.

This is the main index of my Turin Shroud Dictionary. It will complement my Turin Shroud Encyclopedia, but each entry in this dictionary will normally be only a few lines, so I will add entries much faster, as they occur to me. There will also be multiple entries per page, and there will

[Left: Negative photograph of the face image on the Shroud of Turin: Shroud University.]

eventually be one page for each letter of the alphabet. If a page gets too long I will split it (e.g. "A" into "Aa-Am" and "An-Az"). As with most dictionaries there won't normally be references to elements within entries but where possible there will be hyperlinks (including to other entries in this dictionary) supporting them. Each letter below, when hyperlinked, will access a page in this dictionary.


1. This page, and each page in my Turin Shroud Dictionary, is copyright. However, permission is granted to quote from one entry at a time within a page (e.g. "Shroud of Turin," not the whole page "S"), provided that a link and/or reference is included back to the page in this dictionary it came from. [return].

Posted: 13 January 2015. Updated: 3 January 2019.

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