Monday, April 9, 2012

Proceedings of the 1986 Hong Kong Shroud Conference now online

Below is an email from archaeologist Prof. William Meacham, convenor of the Symposium, "Turin Shroud - Image of Christ?" Hong Kong, March 1986, advising that he has now put the Proceedings of that Symposium online.


A joyful Easter to everyone.

A couple of things I've just finished:

Prompted by a request from Stephen Jones, I've made a digital copy of the Proceedings of the 1986 Hong Kong Shroud Conference. The url is

The paper by Al Adler is significant as he told me that while working up his notes into a paper for this publication, the idea occurred to him that a high level of bilirubin caused by prolonged torture could account for the surviving redness in the bloodstains.

Secondly, motivated by the discussion a few weeks ago about making all published Shroud writings more widely available, I have compiled a "digital bibliography" of things I have written that are currently available online.

The site is:

Five of the articles are behind a pay wall, but if any member would like a copy of those I'd be happy to send the pdf.

I encourage everyone to compile a similar index of their papers that are available digitally.

William Meacham
Honorary Research Fellow
Centre of Asian Studies
Hong Kong Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
University of Hong Kong

Stephen E. Jones, B.Sc., Grad. Dip. Ed.
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