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Index "S": Turin Shroud Encyclopedia

Turin Shroud Encyclopedia
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Index "S"

This is the index page "S", entry #2, of my "Turin Shroud Encyclopedia." See part #1, the Main Index "A-Z" for information about this series.

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[Right: Shroud face, positive. As one sees the Shroud[2].]

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1. This post is copyright. No one may copy from it or any of my posts on this my The Shroud of Turin blog without them first asking and receiving my written permission. Except that I grant permission, without having to ask me, for anyone to copy the title and one paragraph only (including one graphic) of any of my posts, provided that they include a reference to the title of, and a hyperlink to, that post from which it came. [return]
2. "Durante 2002: Face Only Vertical," Shroud Scope: [return]

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