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Entry number index: Turin Shroud Encyclopedia

Turin Shroud Encyclopedia
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Entry number index

This the Entry Number Index page, and entry #10, of my "Turin Shroud Encyclopedia." It will enable readers to click on and read any

[Above: The Face of the Man on the Shroud[2].]

"`Were those the lips that spoke the Sermon on the Mount and the Parable of the Rich Fool?'; `Is this the Face that is to be my judge on the Last Day?'"[3].]

entry in this Turin Shroud Encyclopedia by number, and it will also help me to keep track of entry numbers. I will add his Entry Number index next to the Main Index as "Entry index" on each Encyclopedia entry page. I will also update this page with each new Encyclopedia entry after I post it.

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1. This post is copyright. No one may copy from it or any of my posts on this my The Shroud of Turin blog without them first asking and receiving my written permission. Except that I grant permission, without having to ask me, for anyone to copy the title and one paragraph only (including one graphic) of any of my posts, provided that they include a reference to the title of, and a hyperlink to, that post from which it came. [return]
2. "Shroud University - Exploring the Mystery Since 33 A.D.," Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc., Peachtree City, GA. [return]
3. Wilson, I., 1991, "Holy Faces, Secret Places: The Quest for Jesus' True Likeness," Doubleday: London, p.189. [return]

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