Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Index A-Z: Turin Shroud Encyclopedia

This 2015 Turin Shroud Encyclopedia has been superseded by my new 2019 <Turin Shroud Encyclopedia>.

Turin Shroud Encyclopedia
© Stephen E. Jones

Index A-Z

This is the Index A-Z page of my new Turin Shroud Encyclopedia. It supersedes my old fully referenced Turin Shroud Encyclopedia which was too slow, and my non- referenced Turin Shroud Dictionary, which did not have a page to each topic.

[Right (enlarge): Negative photograph of the face image on the Shroud of Turin: Shroud University.]

This new Encyclopedia will have less footnotes to statements within entries, but there will be hyperlinks to web pages (including other entries in this Encyclopedia) supporting them. There will also be a "References" section in which will be the sources of statements. I will list each posted topic on this index page and when it gets too long, I will split it into indexes "A-M" and "N-Z," and so on. My aim will be to post a topic every few days. The title of each topic post in this new Encyclopedia will appear in alphabetic order below and be hyperlinked to it. I have also added a number index of the order in which each entry appeared.

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[Shroud of Turin]
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Posted: 20 January 2015. Updated: 3 January 2019.

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