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My Shroud of Turin books and articles

This is my list of my Shroud of Turin-related books and printed articles, in alphabetical order of authors' surnames. Books that are not primarily about the Shroud are marked with an asterisk "*", those that are anti- or non-authenticist are marked "(A)," and those that are fiction are marked "(F)". For a more comprehensive list of

[Right: Stevenson & Habermas' "Verdict on the Shroud" (1981), my first Shroud book, which began the process of persuading me that the Shroud is authentic.]

Shroud-related books see's "Shroud of Turin Booklist." I have included a link to's (or other booksellers') listing of each book, where available. I am happy to answer questions in comments below about items in this list. I will add Shroud-related books and printed articles to this list as I acquire them.

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A [top]
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B [top]
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C [top]
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D [top]
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U [top]

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Luke 6:37–42
Matthew 7:1-5

Jesus abhors people like Stephen E. Jones

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