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Bible and the Shroud #2: Shroud of Turin quotes

Shroud of Turin quotes:
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This is the "Bible and the Shroud" index page in my Shroud of Turin

[Above: Mark 15:46 in my Interlinear New Testament[2]. This is one of the three places (the other two are Matthew 27:59 and Luke 23:53) which mention that Jesus was buried in a linen shroud [Greek sindon]. The 1966 interlinear translation above of sindon as "a piece of unused linen" is technically correct, but modern translations like the ESV translate it, in that context, as "linen shroud".]

quotes series #2, based initially on my "Shroud of Turin quotes: Unclassified quotes." For more information about this Shroud of Turin quotes series, see the Main Index.

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2. Marshall, A., 1966, "The Interlinear Greek - English New Testament," Samuel Bagster & Sons: London, p.214. [return]

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