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"Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, October 2016

Shroud of Turin News - October 2016
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This is my "Editorial and Contents," part #1 of the October 2016 issue of my Shroud of Turin News. Following this editorial, I will add excerpts from Shroud-related October 2016 news articles (if any) in separate posts, linked back to this post, with the articles' words in bold to distinguish them from mine. Click on a link below to go to that article. Articles not yet linked are planned to be commented on in this issue.



Rex Morgan's Shroud News: My scanning and word- processing of issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News provided by Ian Wilson, and emailing them to Barrie Schwortz for him to convert to PDFs and add to his online Shroud News archive, continued in October up to issue #60, August 1990 [Right (enlarge)]. Issues in that archive are now up to #57, February 1990.

Posts: In October I blogged 5 new posts (latest uppermost): "Non-directional #17: The man on the Shroud: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!," Oct 29, 2016; "My radiocarbon dating hacker theory mentioned in Joe Marino's "The Politics of Radiocarbon Dating"!," Oct 24, 2016; "`The Shroud of Turin as the Burial Cloth of Jesus - Answers for Critics,' Shroud of Turin News, September 2016 ," Oct 8, 2016; "Chronology of the Turin Shroud: Fourth century," Oct 4, 2016 and "Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, September 2016," Oct 3, 2016.

Updates to my posts in the background in October included: "`Fn-Fz': Turin Shroud Dictionary," May 16, 2015. Following an email from ASSIST's (Association of Scientists and Scholars International for the Shroud of Turin) Paul Maloney I corrected a statement I had made:

"But Frei's Shroud pollens that he had had extracted, cleaned and examined, were evidently never handed over to ASSIST by Frei's widow and now cannot be found."
with the following:
"...ASSIST never received the 1973 tapes ... However, ASSIST probably did acquire the 1973 pollen grains extracted from those tapes."

Comments: In October I also invoked my, "I normally allow only one comment per individual under each one of my posts" policy in the case of a commenter who requested that I provide him with "more support" for statements I made in one of my "Chronology of the Turin Shroud: Fourth century " post. But as I stated in the first post of that series: "To save space I won't normally have references but rely mostly on links." I had already replied to that commenter's request: "Can you elaborate on the details of crucifixion that are present on the shroud but are not mentioned in the Bible?":

"Sorry, but I don't have the time to answer readers' questions on the Shroud that they could answer themselves. For example, by Googling "Shroud Stephen Jones crucifixion Bible" without the quotes."
In October I also deleted a comment by permanently banned commmenter Colin Berry / Sciencebod who was responding to a comment I made about him. I then realised that it was unfair of me to comment on Berry yet not allow him to comment on my blog in reply, so I retrospectively deleted that comment about Berry. In future I will try to be more consistent and make no more comments about Berry, and will delete all comments by others about him. So I intend this to be the last comment about Berry on my blog.

My radiocarbon dating hacker theory: As can be seen above, in October I blogged one post about my hacker theory: "My radiocarbon dating hacker theory mentioned in Joe Marino's `The Politics of Radiocarbon Dating'!," Oct 24, 2016. In particular, I commented on Marino's recounting of:

"A prominent Shroud researcher, who does not want to be identified" who had received "a curious phone call ... at about 1:30 in the morning" ...not long after the C-14 dating results were announced in October 1988 and sometime in the spring," [March-June 1989] ... the researcher ... `Harry' ... indicated the (male) person ... sounded distraught [and] told Harry he had been involved in falsifying the results of the 1988 dating. Harry thought the accent might have been German ... The person would not reveal his name ... or from where he was calling. He kept asking Harry if he would forgive him for having done a disservice to humanity. The person even mentioned the word `espionage' in relation to the event. The only detail he gave about the procedure was saying that the real Shroud sample was thrown in the trash. Harry tried repeatedly to get the man to identify himself and when he (Harry) tried to get more details, the man said he couldn’t say more as he could get in some real trouble. Harry said the person said he also planned to call other Shroud researchers ..."
As I had stated [01Jun16, 02Jun16 and now 24Oct16]:
"I regard as highly significant this evidence which supports that part of my theory which alleges that Koch, working for the KGB, installed Linick's program on Zurich and Oxford's AMS computers [see again 02Jun16]. This in turn supports my theory that both Koch and Linick were silenced permanently by the KGB to cover up their part in the KGB's hacking of the Shroud's radiocarbon dating [see 30Jul16]."

Pageviews: At midnight on 31 October, Google Analytics [below (enlarge)] gave this blog's "Pageviews all time history" as 609,349 and "Pageviews last month" as 15,349. It also gave the most viewed posts for the month as: "The Shroud of Turin as the Burial Cloth of Jesus...," Oct 8, 2016 - 141; "The Shroud of Turin: 3.6. The man on the Shroud and Jesus were crucified," Dec 2, 2013 - 122; "How my radiocarbon dating hacker theory started," Sep 3, 2016 - 103; "My radiocarbon dating hacker theory mentioned in Joe Marino's...," Oct 24, 2016 - 73; and "Chronology of the Turin Shroud: Fourth century," Oct 4, 2016 - 69.

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Posted: 2 November 2016. Updated: 5 December 2016.

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