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The Shroud of Turin blog topics "N"

The Shroud of Turin blog topics #4
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Topics "N"

This is the topics page "N" and part #4 of my "The Shroud of Turin blog topics" series. See the Index "A-Z" for more information about this series. I will add other topics beginning with "n" in the background as I come to them, working forward in time from my earlier posts.

[Above (enlarge): Entombment of Jesus, 1181, by Nicholas of Verdun (1130–1205), Klosterneuburg Abbey, Vienna. See BSTS Newsletter, No. 67, June 2008. This will be a future "N" topic. As Ian Wilson pointed out:

"... a champlevé enamel panel that forms part of the decoration of a magnificent twelfth-century pulpit preserved at Klosterneuberg, near Vienna, a work that is known to have been completed by master decorator Nicholas of Verdun no later than 1181 ... As an otherwise inexplicable innovation in art, we see in some of the examples Christ's body depicted in a very stiff attitude, the hands crossed over the loins in the same so-called `modesty pose' visible on the Shroud. Worthy of note is not only the `pose' itself, but that the right arm is over the left, with an awkward crossing point at the wrists, exactly as on the Shroud." (my emphasis)[2]
This is further proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Shroud existed long before its earliest 1260[3] radiocarbon date of "... mediaeval ... 1260-1390" and therefore, again, that that radiocarbon dating was wrong!]

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Naturalism is the philosophy that `nature is all there is'. That is, there is no supernatural, including God. Naturalism dominates science and our secular Western society generally. But if Christianity (see Christianity) is true then Naturalism is false. The Shroud is empirical evidence that Christianity is true[4] and therefore that Naturalism is false [30Jun07]. See future "Evolution."

1. This page, and each page, in my The Shroud of Turin blog topics series, is copyright. However, permission is granted to quote from one entry at a time within a page (e.g. "Shroud of Turin," not the whole page "S"), provided that it includes a reference citing my name, its subject heading, its date, and a hyperlink back to the page it came from. [return]
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Posted: 22 June 2016. Updated: 7 August 2016.

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