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The Shroud of Turin blog topics "M"

The Shroud of Turin blog topics #7
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Topics "M"

This is the sub-index of topics with the first letter "M" and part #7 of my "The Shroud of Turin blog topics" series. See the Main Index "A-Z" for more information about this series. I had belatedly realised that I needed to create sub-index pages of the first letter of each of my topics pages in this series when my "Medieval photography: Nicholas Allen" post had become too long. So I decided to use this the original "M" post as the "M" sub-index page and create a new "Medieval photography: Nicholas Allen" page. Now that I have finished that "Medieval photography: Nicholas Allen" page I will similarly create the sub-index pages of the other topics pages that I had already posted.

[Above (enlarge): A copy of the Mandylion or Image of Edessa, namely "The Holy Face of Laon," c. 12th-13th century, now in the Cathedral of Laon, Picardy, France. See my post [23Apr12].]

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[Medieval photography: Nicholas Allen]

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Posted: 12 August 2016. Updated: 29 August 2016.

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