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Date index 2010: The Shroud of Turin blog

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This is the date index to my 2010 posts on this my The Shroud of Turin blog. The posts are listed in reverse date order (more recent uppermost). For further information on this date index series see the Main Date Index.

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16-Nov-10: Re: Shroud: I had a quick question regarding blood evidence
04-Oct-10: Shroud of Turin: Burial Sheet of Jesus! #1 Introduction
04-Jun-10: Turin Shroud goes on display for first time in 10 years, etc

[Above (enlarge)[2]: Perfect fit of the bloodstains on the Sudarium of Oviedo (which has been in Spain since shortly after 616 - Wikipedia) and the Shroud of Turin, proving that they once covered the head of the same crucifixion victim. That is, the Sudarium is the "smaller face cloth, the sudarium" [Gk. soudarion], mentioned in John 20:6-7. This is from my post of 04-Jun-10. My other posts on the Sudarium of Oviedo are: 08Aug07, 22Mar08, 17Jun08, 26Jun08, 08Dec09, 17Apr10, 04Jun10, 28Jul12, 21Sep14, 06Nov14, 09May15, 10Aug15, 21Jan16, 25May16, 24Jun16, 24Jul16, 24Jan17, 24Feb17, 25Mar17, 03Jun17 & 27Jul17]

12-May-10: Mark Oxley, "The Challenge of the Shroud: History, Science and the Shroud of Turin" (2010)
17-Apr-10: `Ian Wilson's Turin Shroud theories are the worst kind of junk history'
01-Apr-10: New dating technique could establish age of the Turin Shroud
12-Mar-10: Robert K. Wilcox's new book: "The Truth About the Shroud of Turin"
25-Feb-10: Book wanted: Scannerini & Savarino, "The Turin Shroud: Past, Present and Future" (2000)
04-Feb-10: Ian Wilson's new book: "The Shroud: The 2000-Year-Old Mystery Solved"
11-Jan-10: The Pray Manuscript (or Codex)

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2. Bennett, J., 2001, "Sacred Blood, Sacred Image" Ignatius Press: San Francisco CA, p.122. [return]

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