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The Shroud of Turin: Burial Sheet of Jesus?: Bibliography

This is the main Bibliography page of my book outline, "The Shroud of Turin: Burial Sheet of Jesus?" I will add

[Left: Ian Wilson's, The Turin Shroud (1978). Although published nearly 30 years ago, it is still probably the most important book on the Shroud of Turin ever written.]

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Stephen E. Jones, BSc. (Biology).
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"So, having been discredited by its apparently fatal blow from carbon-14, the shroud seems to be coming back from the dead. For many, these latest developments only confirm what they have believed all along. There is a vast international Turin shroud culture and industry. It has its own ology - sindonology, the study of the shroud. lists 29 centres of sindonological research and information in the US alone. There are international conferences, journals and newsletters in several languages, and you can buy CDs and CD ROMs, books and videos, and framed prints up to life size. The Catholic church has prayers and liturgy for shroud-related worship, and it even has its own feast day, 4 May.

[Above (click to enlarge): Hungarian "Pray" manuscript (1192-1195) showing inverted L-shaped hot poker burn holes on it that match those on the Shroud, as well as its distinctive herringbone weave, and non-traditional nude Jesus, with no thumbs, 65-68 years before the earliest radiocarbon date of 1260!]

Believers - not all Catholic by any means - point to many features of the mysterious linen that are hard for sceptics to explain:

Shroud enthusiasts come from all walks of life, and all Christian denominations. Those who have written and lectured about its authenticity include professors of archeology, philosophy, history, chemistry, engineering, and surgery, though not sindonology. It is not surprising to find priests in their midst, but more surprising that believers included the controversial liberal Bishop of Woolwich John Robinson, of Honest To God fame. Of course there are conspiracy theorists and far-fetched mystics too, but they seem to be outnumbered by scientists. Judging by the three million who queued to see the linen when it was exhibited in 2000, it seems the average shroud fan is simply an ordinary Christian believer." (Tomkins, S., "Wrapped in the shroud," BBC, 14 April, 2004).

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