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Topic index: The Shroud of Turin blog: "A-G"

I have abandoned this Topic Index because it was too time-consuming.

This is page ("A-G") of a topic index in alphabetic order of my posts to

[Right: Xrays of Dr. August Accetta after injecting himself with a radioactive isotope to show its similarities to the Shroud's image.]

this my The Shroud of Turin blog. It was formerly page "A-Z" and then "A-M" but it grew too large and so I split page "N-Z" and then page "H-M", etc, off from it. This topic index complements the date order "Index to this blog's posts." I will continue adding to these topic index pages in the background, working forwards from my first 30 June 2007 post, identifying topics and linking back to index posts where those topics occur. This index is complete up to and including 28 Mar 12 (partly). When this page becomes too long, I will split it, and subsequent topic index posts, into "A-D," "E-H," etc.

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H-M] [N-R] [S-Z]

A [top]
Abgar V: 08Dec09
Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)-see "radiocarbon dating"
Accetta, August: 29Oct07, 10Oct08
Acts of Nicodemus: 11Jan11
Acts of Pilate: 11Jan11
ad hominem: 17Apr10
Adler, Alan: 15Feb08, 18Mar11
Akhenaton, pharaoh: toe: 07Feb12
Allen, Nicholas: 13Jul07, 14Jul09
anti-authenticists: self-deceived: 06Jan12
Antonacci, Mark: 13Jul07
Archbishops: of Turin: Ballestrero, Anastasio: 28Feb08; Poletto, Severino: 01Dec07, 02Jan08, 04Jun10
argument from silence: 11Jan11
Arizona C14 laboratory: 12Feb08, 28Feb08; sample (undated): 13Dec08
art: work of: 26Jun08
atheists' fallacy: 05Jan11, 11Jan11
authentic: Christianity: 06Jan12; could be: 22Dec11; evidence: enough: 16Nov10; overwhelming: 10Oct08, 13Dec08, 04Jun10, 04Oct10, 22Dec11, 06Jan12; is Jesus': 08Dec09; millions of visitors: 04Jun10; proof beyond reasonable doubt: 04Jun10

B [top]
Babinski, Ed: 05Jan11, 11Jan11
Baima-Bollone, Pierluigi: 18Mar11
Ball, Philip: 01Dec07
Ballabio, Gerardo: 03Apr08
Balossino, Nello: 03Apr08
Barberis, Bruno: 04Jun10
Barbet, Pierre: 02Jan08
Barclay, Jacob: 07Nov08
Baruch, Uri: 26Nov08
bas relief: 21Jul07, 01Nov08, 03Mar12; no powder: 01Nov08
Benford, Sue: 10Oct08
Benford & Marino: 13Dec08, 06Jan12, 15Jan12
Bernstein, Joel: lecture: 07Aug11
Besançon: Shroud of: 11Jan11
Bible: Shroud: 25Jun08, 08Dec09
Blanrue, Paul-Eric: 03Mar12
blood: 21Jul07, 16Nov10
- before image: 08Oct09, 18Mar11, 03Mar12
- clots: intact (see resurrection): 03Mar12
- real: 01Nov08, 08Oct09, 18Mar11
- type AB: 16Nov10, 18Mar11*; consistent with Jewish: 16Nov10, 18Mar11; Sudarium of Oviedo AB: 18Mar11; old blood AB?: 16Nov10, 18Mar11; old blood not AB: 07Feb12
bloodflows: arms: 25Apr09
bloodstains: arms: 22Nov11; back: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; chest: 14Dec11; feet: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; hands: 14Dec11; head: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; legs: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; side: 22Nov11, 14Dec11
bogus?: "Bogus: Shroud of Turin?": 08Aug07, 13Nov08, 19Nov08, 22Nov08, 21Jul09
book (my online): "The Shroud of Turin": 06Aug07, 09Aug07, 11Aug07, 30Oct07, 02Nov07, 06Nov07, 09Nov07, 14Nov07, 18Nov07, 24Nov07, 26Nov07, 04Dec07, 10Dec07, 19Dec07, 10Jan08
British Society for the Turin Shroud: Newsletter: 02Nov11
Bucklin, Robert: 21Jul09
burial: secondary: 17Dec09
burns: 22Nov11
Buso, Luciano: 04Feb12, 27Feb12

C [top]
Calvin, John: 05Jan11, 11Jan11, 06Jan12
camera obscura: 13Jul07, 14Jul09
carbon 14: 28Feb08
Carduus argentatus: 26Nov08
cathedrals: St John the Baptist: 04Oct10, 28Oct11, 14Nov11; Turin: 08Dec09
CED blog: 30Jun07, 18Mar11
cellulose: 06Jan12
Chevalier, Ulysse: 11Feb12
Chinon Parchment: 14Apr09
Chivers, Tom: 06Jan12
Christ: See "Jesus"
Christ Pantocrator: See "Pantocrator"
Christianity: 30Jun07; authenticity of Shroud: 06Jan12; extrabiblical evidence: 06Jan12; important first 1500 years: 07Oct11; not article of faith: 04Jun10
Christians: indifferent: 09Oct07, 07Oct11; oppose are "fighting against God": 07Oct11
Cistus creticus: 01Nov08, 22Nov08
cloth collapse theory: See "Jackson, John": 18Jan12
cloth: hand spun: 01Nov11; hand woven: 01Nov11
coins: Justinian II solidus: 23Feb12
coins over eyes: 01Dec07, 21Jul09
colour or color: image: : accelerated aging; laser: 22Dec11; yellow: 01Nov11
computer enhancement: 03Apr08
conferences: 2008 Ohio: 10Oct08, 01Nov08
Constantinople: 28Feb08, 10Oct08, 22Nov08, 11Jan10
copyright law: plagiarism: 11Feb12, first 30 June 2007 post, identifying topics and linking back to index posts where those topics occur. This index is complete up to and including 18Mar12
creases: 22Nov11
crucifixion: 06Nov07; cross: not stake: 25Apr09; wounds: 04Jun10
crown of thorns: 04Jun10
cubits (see "dimensions")

D [top]
d'Arcis, Pierre: 14Apr09, 04Jun1011Feb12
Danin, Avinoam: 08Aug07, 01Nov08, 22Nov08, 26Nov08
Dawkins, Richard: 06Jan12, 04Feb12
Dayvault, Philip: 09Oct07
Delage, Yves: 25Jul07, 25Jun08
de Charny, Geoffroy (Templar): 29Oct07, 14Apr09
de Charny, Marguerite: Shroud to Savoys 1453: 11Jan11, 07Oct11
de Molay, Jacques: 29Oct07, 14Apr09
de Poitiers, Henri: 14Apr09, 04Jun10
de Wesselow, Thomas: 28Mar12; book "The Sign" claims Shroud authentic but was Jesus' resurrection 28Mar12!
deposition: 06Aug07, 02Nov07, 11Jan10
della Rovere, Giovanni: 06Aug07, 11Jan11, 11Jan11
di Costanzo, Jacques: 01Nov08
di Lazzaro, Paolo: 22Dec11, 06Jan12, 07Feb12
Dickinson, Ian: 01Nov11
dilemma: authentic or artifice: 10Oct08, 08Dec09, 18Mar11, 06Jan12
dimensions: ~14ft 3in by 3ft 7in: 28Oct11; 8 x 2 cubits: 04Jun10, 01Nov11; ~4.4 x 1.1 m: 28Oct11, 01Nov11; 437 x 111 cms: 04Jun10, 04Oct10
DNA: 29Jul08, 16Nov10
documentaries: 29Jul07, 28Feb08, 13Dec08, 14Jul09
duplication: 01Nov08

E [top]
Edessa image: 08Dec09
ENEA: 22Dec11, 06Jan12, 15Jan12, 07Feb12
Enrie, Giuseppe: photos: 13Nov08
excimer laser: 22Dec11, 06Jan12; ten thousand: 06Jan12; 34 thousand billion watts: 22Dec11, 06Jan12
exhibitions: 29Jul07, 29Oct07, 01Dec07, 13Dec08, 07Feb12
expositions: 1998: 12Apr08: 2010: 01Dec07, 02Jan08, 07Jun08, 04Jun10

F [top]
fake?: 01Nov08, 06Jan12; not: 28Feb08, 03Apr08, 04Oct10
Filas, Francis: 21Jul09
fifth gospel: 04Feb12
fires: 1997: 08Oct09
flax: 13Dec08
flower images: 01Dec07, 01Nov08
fluorescence: 21Jul07
Flury-Lemberg, Mechthild: 29Sep07
Fontanille, Jean-P : 21Jul09
forensic science: 22Dec11; forensic evidence: 06Jan12
forger: 25Jul07
forgery: how? who? when? why?: 04Jun10; medieval: 26Jun08, 04Jun10; not: 28Feb08, 06Jan12; not possible with medieval technology: 06Jan12
forgery theory, problems: 08Jul15, 17Apr10; nails in coffin: 22Dec11
Frale, Barbara: 14Apr09
Frei-Sulzer, Max: 02Aug08, 26Nov08
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy): 10Oct08, 15Jan12

G [top]
Garlaschelli, Luigi: 08Oct09
Garza-Valdès, Leoncio: 18Mar11
Ghiberti, Giuseppe: 12Feb08, 10Oct08, 19Nov08, 04Jun10
Gibson, Shimon: 17Dec09
Giotto, di Bondone: 04Feb12, 27Feb12
Google: Translate: 22Dec11
Goska, Danusha: 09Oct07
Gospel of Gamaliel: 11Jan11
Gospel of Peter: 11Jan11
Gospel of the Hebrews: 11Jan11
Gospels: 03Apr08, 04Oct10
- matches Jesus': beatings: 14Dec11; 28Oct11: burial: 04Oct10, 10Jan12; crown of thorns: 14Dec11; crucifixion: 14Dec11; death: 04Oct10, 10Jan12; nailed: feet: 14Dec11; hands: 14Dec11; resurrection: 04Oct10; scourging: 14Dec11; speared in side: 14Dec11; suffering: 04Oct10; 14Dec11
- silence on image: not visible in NT era?: 06Jan12
- silence on Shroud saved: 05Jan11, 11Jan11
Gould, Stephen Jay: 06Jan12
Gove, Harry: 12Feb08, 25Aug11
Grail, Holy: 30Jan11
graveclothes: 11Jan11
Green, Maurus: 25Jul07
Guarini Chapel: 08Oct09
Gundelia tournefortii: 08Aug07, 01Nov08, 22Nov08, 26Nov08
Guscin, Mark: 08Aug07, 17Apr10

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