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Topic index: The Shroud of Turin blog: "N-R"

I have abandoned this Topic Index because it was too time-consuming.

This is page ("N-R") of a topic index in alphabetic order of my posts to this my The Shroud of Turin blog. It was formerly page "A-Z" but it

[Right (enlarge): "The Entombment of Christ," (1181) by Nicholas of Verdun, Klosterneuburg Abbey, Vienna. Note that Jesus is wrapped in a double body length shroud, with his hands crossed awkwardly in front, exactly as on the Shroud (and on the Pray Codex (c. 1192)), 79 years before the earliest 1260 radiocarbon date!]

grew too large and so I split it off from now pages "A-G," "H-M" and "S-Z." See page "A-G" for more information about this topic index. This index is complete up to and including 28 Mar 12 (partly).

[A-G] [H-M] [N] [O] [P] [R] [S-Z]

N [top]
nails: foot: 04Feb12
name index: 11Feb08(1), 11Feb08(2), 11Feb08(3), 15Feb08, 17Feb08, 24Feb08, 01Apr08
naturalism: 30Jun07, 12Feb08, 17Apr10; "nature is all there is": 22Dec11; "science," "scientific": 22Dec11
naturalistic explanation: none: 04Oct10
negative, photographic: 25Jul07, 27Jul07, 08Dec09, 04Oct10, 05Jan11, 18Oct11, 04Feb12; forgery impossible: 05Jan11
Nice: Shroud at 1543: 11Jan11
Nicholas of Verdun: 13Dec08, 11Jan10
Nickell, Joe: 10Oct08
Nicodemus: 01Nov08
ninth century: Catacomb of Pontianus 29Sep07
Nitowski, Eugenia: 10Oct08
non-directional: 21Jul07, 08Oct09, 04Jun10
non-traditional: nails: 06Nov07

O [top]
objections: Bible: idolatry: 12Apr08; one cloth: 26Jun08
O'Brien, Michael: 07Feb12
off-topic: 03Aug07
old: 01Nov11
othonia: 26Jun08
Oxford C14 laboratory: 12Feb08, 28Feb08, 03Apr08, 07Jun08
Oxley, Mark: 12May10

P [top]
Pantocrator: 16Feb12; Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna: 16Feb12; St. Catherine's Monastery, Sinai: 07Feb12; 16Feb12; St. Pontianus catacomb, Rome: 18Mar12
painting?: not: 25Jun08, 04Jun10; no paint, pigment or dye: 04Jun10, 04Oct10; that comprises its image: 04Feb12; STURP: 22Dec11
palynology: 26Nov08
patches: 22Nov11
Peter, Apostle: at empty tomb: 11Jan11; recovered graveclothes?: 30Jan11
Petrosillo, Orazio : 04Jun10
photographs: 24Mar08
photography: 13Jul07, 14Jul09, 08Dec09, 18Oct11
Pia, Secondo: 08Oct09, 04Oct10, 05Jan11, 18Oct11
Picknett & Prince: 06Jul07, 08Jul07, 27Jul07, 01Nov08, 14Jul09; Leonardo: 22Dec11; refutation: 22Dec11
Piczek, Isabel: 14Jul09, 04Jun10
pilgrim's badge: 14Jul09, 04Jun10
plants: species: bloom March-April: 01Nov08; overlap: 01Nov08, 22Nov08
poisoning of the well: 17Apr10
Polarized Image Overlay: 08Aug07, 01Dec07, 16Feb12
plagiarism: tests: 11Feb12
plasma chamber dating: 01Apr10
pollen: 08Aug07, 26Nov08; Gundelia tournefortii: 22Jan08
Popes: Benedict XVI: 24Aug07, 15Jul08, 04Jun10, 28Mar12; John Paul II: 12Apr08
Porter, Dan: blog: comment: 15Jan12: Shroud image uncaused, 07Feb12
Pray codex: 03Apr08, 13Dec08, 08Oct09, 11Jan10*, 04Jun10, 22Dec11,
- widely regarded as false: 25Aug11; poker holes: 03Apr08, 08Oct09, 11Jan10, 22Dec11
Pray, Gy├Ârgy: 11Jan10

R [top]
radiation: 10Oct08
radiocarbon dating:
- Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS): 25Aug11
- anomalies: Lindow man: 10Oct08
- future: 15Jul08, 02Aug08
- pollen: 30Jun07, 24Aug07, 09Oct07, 29Oct07, 30Oct07, 22Jan08, 30Apr08, 15Jul08, 02Aug08
- Sudarium of Oviedo: 08Aug07, 26Jun08, 08Dec09
radiocarbon dating 1988:
- AD 1260-1390: 12Feb08, 04Jun10, 22Dec11; 06Jan12
- 1260-1390!: 28Feb08, 03Apr08, 13Dec08, 11Jan10
- AD 1260: Nicholas of Verdun 1181: 11Jan10; Pray codex 1192-5: 11Jan10, 22Dec11
- AD 1325 ±65: 11Jan10; too good to be true: 04Jun10
- AD 1350: 12Feb08; leaked: 12Feb08; leaker: Arizona: 12Feb08
- bacteria & mould (bioplastic coating): 25Aug11
- carbon monoxide: 03Apr08, 07Jun08, 01Apr08, 06Jan12
- collusion: 12Feb08
- contamination: 28Feb08, 10Oct08, 04Jun10; fails: mostly contaminant: 06Jan12
- cotton: 10Oct08; Oxford's sample: 06Jan12
- evidence against: Pray codex: 15Jan12; Sudarium of Oviedo: 15Jan12; Vignon markings: 15Jan12, 11Feb12, 16Feb12, 23Feb12, 18Mar12, 23Apr12
- fake: 13Dec08
- fire: 03Apr08
- flawed: 08Dec09
- fraud: 03Apr08, 04Jun10, 06Jan12
- medieval: 01Dec07, 12Feb08; how?: 22Dec11
- Nature 16-Feb-89: 29Jul07, 12Feb08, 03Apr08, 02Nov11
- repair: 22Dec11, 06Jan12
- sample: dyed: 12Feb08; not representative: 12Feb08, 15Jan12; size: 29Jul07, 01Dec07, 04Jun10, 06Jan12; postage stamp: 10Oct08, 04Jun10, 06Jan12
- very small: 15Jan12; ~1.2 x 8 cms total: 15Jan12; Shroud very large (~4.37 x 1.11 m): 15Jan12; Shroud 8800 stamps-sample 7/10 stamp: 15Jan12
- widely regarded as false: 25Aug11
- wrong: 12Feb08, 28Feb08, 13Dec08, 04Jun10, 10Jan12, 11Feb12, 16Feb12, 23Feb12, 18Mar12
Raes' corner: 10Oct08
Ramsey, Christopher: carbon monoxide: 07Jun08, 10Oct08; C.R. Bronk: 03Apr08, 06Jan12; signatory to 1989 Nature paper: 03Apr08, 06Jan12; results skewed: 12Feb08; "evidence that the Shroud is older than the radiocarbon dates allow": 15Jan12; student in 1988: 28Feb08;
Reagan, Ronald. President: 29Jul07
relic: most famous: 04Oct10
reliquary: 2010: 04Jun10
replications: 21Jul07, 08Oct09, 03Mar12; laser: 22Dec11
restoration, 2002: 04Jun10
resurrection: Jesus: appearances: 28Mar12; body changed: 22Dec11; blood clots intact: 03Mar12, 28Mar12; light: 06Jan12; snapshot: 22Dec11, 06Jan12, 07Feb12, 28Mar12. See "Jackson, John" (cloth collapse theory): 18Jan12.
Riggi, Giovanni: 01Apr08
Reville, William: 10Oct08
Rogers, Ray: 29Sep07, 11Feb08, 12Feb08, 10Oct08, 13Dec08, 06Jan12
Rolfe, David: 28Feb08
Roman Catholic Church: refuses to confirm Shroud authentic (see Vatican): 08Oct09, 04Jun10; first official 1940: 11Jan11; owned since 1983: 08Oct09; 11Jan11, 07Oct11
Russell, Bertrand: "not enough evidence, God": 04Feb12

Created: 29 June 2015. Updated: 1 March 2017.

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