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"Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, February 2017

Shroud of Turin News - February 2017
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This is the "Editorial and Contents," part #1 of the February 2017 issue of my Shroud of Turin News. Following this editorial, I will add excerpts from Shroud-related February 2017 news articles in separate posts, linked back to this post, with the articles' words in bold to distinguish them from mine. Click on a link below to go to that article. Articles not yet linked are planned to be commented on in this issue.

"Ex-Atheist Lee Strobel Explores Shroud of Turin in 'The Case for Christ' (Trailer)," The Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov, February 10, 2017.


Rex Morgan's Shroud News: My scanning and word-processing of issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, provided by Ian Wilson, and emailing them to Barrie Schwortz, for him to convert them to PDFs and add to his online Shroud News archive, continued in February up to issue #70, April 1992 [Right (enlarge)]. Issues in that archive are still up to #66, August 1991.

Posts: In February I blogged 4 new posts (latest uppermost): "Chronology of the Turin Shroud: Eighth century," "Fraud a real possibility: Steps in the development of my radiocarbon dating of the Turin Shroud hacker theory #2"; "Three-dimensional #20: The man on the Shroud: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!" and "Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, January 2017"

Updates From memory there were no significant updates to my posts in the background in February.

Comments: In February an evidently Hebrew-speaking Ms Rona Hart commented under my 2008 post, "Shroud name index `W'," that she had read in Ian Wilson's 1978 book The Turin Shroud that (with light editing):

"Wilson relates the story of the woman who wipes Jesus' face with her veil; the cloth then reveals 'the true image' (`Veronica') of Jesus' face. Jesus is reported to have said: `All honour to you, courageous woman'. This may sound somewhat flowery in English, but the phrase 'all honour to you' is a regular expression in Hebrew (don't know about Aramaic) and is often used in the sense of 'good for you', or 'well done'. Similarly, the words courageous woman, recall another well known expression in Hebrew - eshet chayil. These are the first words in the famous lines in Proverbs [Pr 31:10], where the phrase is usually translated as 'a woman of worth' but could perhaps more readily be translated as woman of courage. Although, as Wilson notes, the story doesn't come from the New Testament, and is thought of as a myth, I found it very interesting that the reported speech would translate back to Hebrew so readily."
See my replies to Ms Hart in in comments under my then latest post, "Three-dimensional #20: The man on the Shroud: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!," in which I concluded:
"Ian Wilson has replied by email today, but doesn't want to be quoted, so I will put what he wrote in my own words as far as possible:

1) "All honor to you, courageous woman" being Hebraic. Ian had not previously heard of this and he regards it as an interesting point, for which he asked me to thank you.

2) The word "icon" not being in my Collins Latin-English Dictionary. Ian pointed out that it is in his more academic Latin-English Dictionary. But he did agree that it was a loan word from Greek, unlike vera.

Which however confirms my point that "Veronica" being a compound Latin-Greek word is, together with the Hebraic greeting, evidence that the 11th century Veronica story of Jesus imprinting the image of His face on a woman's veil, which is traditionally linked to the gospel accounts of Jesus' healing the woman with a 12-year flow of blood [Gk haimorroousa] (Mt 9:20-22; Mk 5:25-34; Lk 8:43-48), originated in the earliest Aramaic/Hebrew-speaking church and so is contemporary with, or even earlier than, the story of Jesus imprinting the image of His face on the towel of Abgar V's servant Ananias.

The bottom line is that unless "All honor to you, courageous woman" can be shown to be a normal medieval European greeting, the fact that, according to you, whom I presume are Hebrew-speaking, it translates readily back into a standard Hebrew greeting, it must be a `linguistic fossil' from the earliest Jewish-Christian church.

An example of which is the Aramaic word, "maranatha" in 1Cor 16:22 (KJV). Of which one of my commentaries notes:

"22. Paul ... follows with the Aramaic Maranatha (which NIV translates Come, O Lord!). Being Aramaic, the expression cannot have originated among the Greeks, but must go back to the early days of the church in Palestine." (Morris, L.L., 1985, "The First Epistle of Paul to the Corinthians," Inter-Varsity Press: Leicester UK, Second edition, Reprinted, 1987, p.243. My emphasis).

In which case, as I wrote in my first comment to Ms Hart:
"...if the greeting `All honour to you, courageous woman' is not medieval European, and the fact that vera eikon is a Latin-Greek compound, it may be evidence that the Veronica story originated in the very early church, when it was still predominantly Aramaic-speaking. If so, it would be a contemporary parallel to [or even earlier than] the Abgar V story of Jesus wiping his face on a towel, to explain how Jesus' image came to be on the Image of Edessa (the Shroud tetradiplon = "four-doubled") (my emphasis).

My radiocarbon dating hacker theory: As can be seen above, in February I blogged one post about my hacker theory: "Fraud a real possibility: Steps in the development of my radiocarbon dating of the Turin Shroud hacker theory #2." Originally the name of this post began with "9 January 2014 ..." but as I explained in part #1 of this series, which was originally named "June 2007 ..." but later renamed "Hacking an explanation ..."), "... I later realised that it will be more informative to include in the title of each post in this series a brief description of the actual step in the development of my hacker theory."

Pageviews: At midnight on 28 February, Google Analytics [below enlarge] gave this blog's "Pageviews all time history" as 701,730. This compares with 504,195 (up 197,535 or 39.2%) in my February 2016 Editorial (as at 1 March 2016). It also gave the most viewed posts for the month (latest uppermost) as: "Three-dimensional #20: The man on the Shroud: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!," Feb 5, 2017 - 209; "Did you ask radiocarbon dating experts their opinion on this?," Nov 3, 2016 - 193; "My radiocarbon dating hacker theory mentioned in Joe Marino's `The Politics of Radiocarbon Dating'!," Oct 24, 2016 - 159; "Medieval photography: Nicholas Allen," Aug 7, 2016 - 137 and "`Editorial and Contents,' Shroud of Turin News, October 2016," Nov 2, 2016 - 199.

It is encouraging to see my posts about my hacker theory being among the most read, month after month. I once read somewhere, but I have forgotten where, that a major factor in a shift from one scientific paradigm to another, is becoming familiar with the new paradigm, even if that is through reading it antagonistically. Subconsciously the truth of the new paradigm takes hold in the minds of those initially opposed to it, if they keep reading about it! My hacker theory is not an incremental change to the body of pro-authenticist explanations of how the 1st century Shroud has a 13th-14th radiocarbon date. It is a complete replacement of that body of pro-authenticist explanations! My theory therefore requires a paradigm shift to accept it, which makes acceptance of it difficult and slow.

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