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Other marks and images #26: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is Jesus' burial sheet!


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This is "Other marks and images," part #26, of my series, "The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is Jesus' burial sheet!" This page is a sub-index to topics under the heading, "Other marks and images." That is, marks other than wounds and bloodstains, and images other than of the Man on the Shroud (see under part #8, "The man on the Shroud" for those). Each topic will be a page containing items of evidence for the authenticity of the Shroud, under that topic heading. Each of those topic pages will be linked back to this sub-index and it in turn will be linked back to the Main index. See that Main index for more information about this series.

[Right (enlarge): Burns (outlined in blue) and `poker holes' (outlined in yellow) on a full-length pre-2002 restoration positive photograph of the Shroud[2].]

The order of topics in this "Other marks and images," section is from the perspective of what I imagine a person looking at the Shroud would notice first among the other marks and images, such as: the burns, the water stains, etc., grading into those which are less obvious, such as flower images, coins over the eyes, etc. See also "The Shroud of Turin: 2.6. The other marks."

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  1. Other marks and images #26
    1. Burns #27
    2. Water stains #28
    3. `Poker holes' #29
    4. Dirt #30
    5. Flower & plant images #31
    6. Coins over the eyes #32

Continued in part #27 of this series.

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2. Latendresse, M., 2010, "Shroud Scope: Durante 2002: Horizontal" (rotated left 90°), [return]

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