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"Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, May 2018

Shroud of Turin News - May 2018
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This is the "Editorial and Contents," part #1, of the May 2018 issue of my Shroud of Turin News. I have listed below linked news article(s) about the Shroud in May as a service to readers, without necessarily endorsing any of them.

"Doubts about the age of the Shroud. Experts re-open case," Vatican Insider, 3 May 2018, Andrea Tornielli.
"Shroud of Turin," Encyclopaedia Britannica, May 4, 2018, The Editors.
"New study raises questions about the age of the Shroud of Turin," Aleteia, May 7, 2018, Zelda Caldwell.
"Parish turnout proves enduring fascination with Shroud of Turin," Catholic San Francisco, May 10, 2018, Christina Gray.
"Traveling exhibit features religious lesson," Monroe News, May 21, 2018, Blake Bacho.

Rex Morgan's Shroud News: My scanning and word-processing of the 118 issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, provided by Ian Wilson, and emailing them to Barrie Schwortz, for him to convert to PDFs and

[Right (enlarge). The burnt out shell of the Guarini Royal Chapel from the 12 April 1997 fire (see photo of it before the fire in my previous post). Issue #101 was mostly about that fire. See my 03Jun15 for a my brief account of that fire.]

add to his online Shroud News archive, continued in May up to issue #101, April 1997, i.e ~86% completed. Issues in the archive are still up to #93, February 1996. Barrie advised me that he expect the next update to go online on June 15th or thereabouts.

News: In May I continued preparing my previously mentioned media release, outlining my hacker theory, which I will post here when it is completed. I may then email a copy of it to news outlets in anticipation of an upsurge in media interest in the Shroud's radiocarbon dating as the thirtieth anniversary of the announcement on 13 October 1988 [see 23Jul15] that the Shroud's radiocarbon date was "1260-1390" draws near.

Posts: In May I blogged only 3 new posts (latest uppermost): "21 April 1988: On this day 30 years ago in the radiocarbon dating of the Turin Shroud," - 26th; "'you claim that the shroud is genuine, yet this is contrary to scripture'," - 8th & "`Editorial and Contents,' Shroud of Turin News, April 2018" - 6th.

Updates There were no significant updates in the background of past posts in May.

Comments: On 14 May I received a comment from Mario Latendresse, author of Shroud Scope under my 2014 post, "Lirey (1): Turin Shroud Encyclopedia." My interim reply comment to him included:

"Thanks for your comment. Because you asked important questions in it that will be `buried' in a comment under that 2014 post, I will respond to it in a separate post. However, that might be weeks away because: 1) I have a backlog of topics I need to post on before they become `stale' ...; and 2) again [see 14Feb16 & 08May18] I am the full-time carer of my wife who is a near-quadriplegic with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I have little time to blog until after I put her to bed at about 9:30pm each night."
In May I deleted 2 posts as sub-standard, being both one-liners. If commenters cannot bother putting their time and effort into their comments, then I cannot bother putting my time and effort into replying to such comments!

My radiocarbon dating hacker theory: As can be seen above, I did not blog specifically about my hacker theory in May. However, my media release is very much about my hacker theory and my "21 April 1988: On this day 30 years ago in the radiocarbon dating of the Turin Shroud" post mentioned it:

"Yet as we shall see [in future "16Feb89"] the 1989 Nature paper admitted:
"An initial inspection of Table 2 shows that the agreement among the three laboratories for samples 2, 3 and 4 is exceptionally good. The spread of the measurements for sample 1 [the Shroud] is somewhat greater than would be expected from the errors quoted"[15].
But as I pointed out on 13Jun14, 11Feb15, 03Jun15, 27Aug15, 18Nov15 and 24Oct16, this is impossible if the Shroud dates were real and not computer-generated by a hacker's program."
My book: In May I had become bogged down in "Chapter 6, "History and the Shroud" of the dot-point my book, "The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!" (see previous). I

[Left (enlarge): The planned cover of my book.]

realised that at the rate I was going that that chapter alone would be half the book! So I `went back to the drawing board' and wrote out another full dot-point outline of the book (I enjoy doing that `off the top of my head'!) on my phone using Gmail and reduced that History chapter, now Chapter 7, to only 5 sections:

7. History and the Shroud
7.1 Jerusalem to Edessa AD 30-544
7.2 Edessa to Constantinople 544-944
7.3 Constantinople to Lirey 944-1355
7.4 Lirey to Turin 1355-1578
7.5 Turin to present 1578-.
I also gave some thought to finding time to write the book. On my rough calculations I will be finished scanning and word-processing Shroud News in about 7 months, i.e. in December this year! The up to an hour it takes me most mornings to do that, I will use to write my book.

Pageviews: At midnight on 31 May 2018, Google Analytics [Below (enlarge)] gave this blog's "Pageviews all time history" as 900,576 (i.e. I passed 900,000 pageviews in May!). This compares with 756,030 (up 144,546 or 19.2%) from the same time in May 2017. It also gave the most viewed posts for the month (highest uppermost) as: "Water stains #28: Other marks and images: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!," Apr 5, 2018 - 89; "'you claim that the shroud is genuine, yet this is contrary to scripture'," May 8, 2018 - 85; "`Editorial and Contents,' Shroud of Turin News, April 2018", May 6, 2018 - 81; "Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, March 2018," Apr 2, 2018 - 78 & "The Shroud of Turin: 3.6. The man on the Shroud and Jesus were crucified," Dec 2, 2013 - 77.

Even though China is white again in the above Google Analytics' pageviews map of my blog (indicating that the atheistic Chinese government is blocking it because it is threatened by the Shroud!) the map is still dark green in Russia! I have this hope that when I get to Heaven I will be welcomed by hundreds of Russians and Chinese whose Christian faith was strengthened by reading my blog!

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Posted: 3 June 2018. Updated: 13 July 2022.

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