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Evidence in Timothy Linick's autopsy report that he was murdered disguised as suicide!

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Further to my previous post, "Telephone Calls to Tucson about the Suicide of Timothy Linick," this is the thirteenth and final installment (which is just a general tidying up of loose ends, albeit unfinished) of my presentation of the evidence in Timothy Linick's autopsy report [Page 1 Right[2]], that he was murdered disguised as suicide!

Joe Marino has placed the full autopsy report on his website at:

Here is my summary reconstruction of Linick's murder by the KGB, made to look like suicide [links to be added]: • Timothy Linick, • under the influence of sleeping medication, • was overpowered by two strong male KGB agents while asleep in his bed (not necessarily in his home because he was separated from his wife and young son). • The two men tied Linick's left hand, presumably to his bed, with black adhesive tape. • While the second man held Linick, • a gun (it didn't have to be Linick's because Arizona has no gun registration), fitted with a removable silencer, was a gun forced into Linick's right hand by the first man, so that Linick's fingerprints would be on the gun. • The gun, in Linick's right hand, was forced by the first man up to the right side of Linick's head. • The first man forced Linick's finger to pull the trigger. • Linick was killed instantly by the bullet passing through his brain. • The first man removed the silencer from the gun, leaving it in Linick's right hand. • The hand of the first man which had held the gun to Linick's head would have been splashed by some of the blood from the entrance wound (as Linick's right hand holding the gun was), • so he wiped the blood off his hand with a tissue, placed it in Linick's left hand and closed it over the tissue. • The second man undid the black adhesive tape tieing Linick's left hand to the bed but left some attached to Linick's palm and index finger (as it was presumably dark in the early morning with no light on).

According to my hacker theory[3]: • Arizona radiocarbon dating laboratory physicist Timothy W. Linick (1946-89)[4]; • working for the KGB[5]; • wrote a program which converted the radiocarbon date of samples from the first-century Shroud of Turin to a combined average across three laboratories of 1260-1390, the mid-point of which was 1325 ±65[6], only ~30 years before the Shroud first appeared in undisputed history at Lirey, France, in c. 1355[7]. • After installing his program on Arizona laboratory's AMS computer[8]; • Linick then passed it to the KGB to have it installed on Zurich and Oxford laboratories' identical AMS computers[9]. • The KGB used one of its hackers, West German Karl Koch (1965-89), to install Linick's program on Zurich and Oxford's AMS computers[10]. • In mid-1987 West German hacker Markus Hess, was arrested for hacking into USA military and commercial installations[11]. • In early 1988, Koch and Hans Heinrich Huebner, members of the same German hacker ring as Hess[12], took advantage of an amnesty for espionage in West German law and confessed their hacking for the KGB to the West German authorities[13]. • Koch, a recovering drug addict, became a Christian and started talking about his hacking of the Shroud's radiocarbon dating[14]. • On 23 May 1989, Koch went missing from his Hanover workplace[15]. • On 1 June 1989 a burnt body, murdered made to look like suicide, was discovered on the edge of a forest outside Hanover with Koch's work vehicle nearby[16]. • On 3 June 1989 the West German police publicly identified the body as Koch's. • The next day, 4 June 1989, Timothy Linick's body was discovered in Tucson, Arizona[17], also murdered made to look like suicide[18]!

Below is page 2 of Linick's autopsy report, performed on 5 June 1989 by Dr Bruce Parks, then Deputy Medical Examiner, Pima County, Arizona (which includes Tucson). An anonymous commenter under

[Above: Page 2 of Linick's autopsy report, finding that Linick "died of a gunshot wound of the head" and he had a "Clinical history of depression"[19].]

this post, commented on on 6 February) that Dr Parks is now "a Forensic Pathology Specialist in Tucson" at the "University Medical Center ... Tucson." I found Dr Parks' email address and emailed him that same day, questions [see my comment below] about his autopsy of Linick and if he has a copy of the police report he could email me. I would be surprised if Dr Parks does remember what he did on 5 June 1989 (nearly 32 years ago) but I am hoping that Linick's death might have seemed unusual to him and/or he might have records of it, including the police report.

But even if Dr Parks doesn't reply to my email, and even if he does reply but doesn't remember the circumstances surrounding Linick's death, there is the evidence of: 1) Arizona laboratory leader Paul Damon (1921-2005)'s `Freudian slip' that Linick "possibly committed suicide":

"PD: Because he had problems and he possibly committed suicide, that is how it happened. We have no doubts about it, his family has no doubts about it. He had threatened. I guess people couldn't think that he ... I see your point, you want a murder or something, well that's ... " (my emphasis)[20];
2) French scholar Claude de Cointet's question about the "Masons ... killing people ... disguised in [as] suicide"; and 3) Damon's repeated evasiveness in not answering de Cointet's simple questions about how did Linick commit suicide; that there must have been doubt at the time that Linick committed suicide and was murdered made to look like suicide!

Page 3 of Linick's autopsy report below, states that Linick "apparently

[Above: Page 3 of Linick's autopsy report, citing the "Cicumstances of death" and "Identification"[21].]

shot himself in the head." Clearly that means there was, and is, doubt as to whether Linick committed suicide or was murdered. Shooting a person in the head and making it look like suicide would seem to be a relatively easy way to `get away with murder'. Two or three men could overpower the victim, place a gun at his head and pull the trigger. There is "a scientific literature" devoted to determining whether a fatal gunshot wound to the head was suicide or murder. Linick's half-brother Anthony Linick emailed me in 2016 that, "I don't know if there was a suicide note or not"[22], which I presumed meant that Linick left no suicide note, as Anthony would surely know if he had. Especially since Anthony phoned Linick's mother (not Anthony's) "every few months ... from this point [June 1989] until her death in 1993"[23]. The 4th of June 1989 was a Sunday and Linick's body was pronounced dead by a police officer at 2014 hours (8:14pm). See page 4 below where Linick seems to have been in his sleeping clothes.

Page 4 of Linick's autopsy report below revealed that his body was only

[Above: Page 4 of Linick's autopsy report[24], that Linick was only "partially clad"; "The [brown paper] bag of the right hand is stained with blood"; "Over the dorsolateral [upper side] right forearm is faint purple-yellow ... contusion"; Linick was only "167.6 cm (66 inches) or 5ft 6in tall and wighed only "61.4 kg (135 pounds)"; "rigor is well-developed" and his "body is cool.]

"partially clad" in a "pair of ... short pants" and a "short sleeved shirt" with no underwear. So it seems that Linick was in his sleeping clothes. If Linick was murdered then presumbly he was overpowered (see above that Linick was a small man) when asleep and either killed in his bed or taken somewhere where the sound of the gunshot couldn't be heard. Linick "was separated from his wife"[25] so he may have been living where there were no near neighbours. Since abducting Linick would run the very real risk of being seen by near neighbours, especially if Linick was struggling and calling for help, as he likely would have, I assume that there were no near neighbours and Linick was overpowered while asleep (see future page 10 that he had taken sleeping medication) and killed in his bed.

"Clenched within the left hand is a blood stained white tissue" (see above). This the strongest item of evidence that Linick was murdered in a simulated suicide by forcing his right hand to grip a gun (it didn't have to be Linick's[26]), put it against Linick's right temple (see page 6) and pull the trigger. The murderer's hand forcing Linick' hand to hold the gun would have been stained with Linick's blood, as the paper bag over Linick's right hand was (see above). The murderer would have to wipe the blood off his hand, most likely with a disposable tissue. But he couldn't take the tissue with him in case he was found with it; he couldn't throw the tissue in a bin because police might find it; he couldn't flush it down the toilet because his fingerprints would be on the cistern and traces of blood might remain in the toilet's water. The ready solution would be to put the bloodstained tissue in Linick's left hand, close it around the tissue, and hope that the police wouldn't ask how it got there! But how did Linick's blood get on the tissue? It had to be a lot of blood to stain a tissue. Yet there is no mention in the autopsy report of another source of blood on Linick's body, and there would have been if there was.

The autopsy report mentions (above) a "faint purple-yellow" and therefore over a week old[27] small "3.5 x 2.5 contusion." So it would certainly have mentioned a source of recent blood large enough to stain a tissue if there had been one. The only source of blood therefore on the tissue would have been from Linick's right hand or his head. But Linick would have been killed instantly by the bullet passing through his brain - see "Exit Wound" page 5 (below), so he could not have wiped his hand or head with a tissue. If Linick's left hand had been holding a tissue against where the bullet's exit would be to soak up the blood, an exit impact strong enough to stain the tissue with blood would have blown the tissue away and injured his left hand. Otherwise there is the unlikelihood of Linick's left hand being closed around a tissue, him shooting himself fatally in the head and his left hand remaining closed around the tissue. Presumably the shock to Linick's nervous system would have been so great that his hand would have opened and not closed again.

Page 5 of the autopsy report under "Extremities" mentions that "a

[Above: Page 5 of Linick's autopsy report.]

black material is focally over the palm of the left hand especially over the left index finger"[28]. The report doesn't say what this "black material" was, but clearly it wasn't a bandage covering a wound or supporting a fracture, because the autopsy report would have mentioned it (indeed page 8 says, "No skeletal abnormalities are appreciated"). And the fact that it remained in place on the palm and index finger all through Linick's body being put in a body bag and placed on an autopsy cart (see page 4) can only mean it was stuck on. And if so, it was a remnant of black adhesive tape that had been used to tie Linick's hands, presumably to his bed, to make it easier to force Linick to hold a gun to his head and pull the trigger in a murder disguised as suicide! Under "GUNSHOT WOUND (above), the descriptions of the "Entrance Wound" and "Exit Wound" (and below) "Wound Track") make it clear that Linick would have died instantly.

Page 6 of the autopsy report under "Wound Track" further makes it clear that Linick would have been killed instantly by the bullet which passed through both the "right temporoparietal lobe" and the "left

[Above: Page 6 of Linick's autopsy report describing the bullet's "Wound Track"[29].]

[Above: "Brain lobes - Mayo Clinic"[30] showing the left "temporal lobe" and the left "parietal lobe" so presumably "temporoparietal lobe" is the area between and including the temporal and the parietal lobes.]

temporoparietal lobe" and exited the left skull."

Skipping over uninteresting pages 7 to 9 (see the full report), to the last

page 10 of Linick's autopsy report [Above[31].] As can be seen, under "Urine TLC Results," Linick's urine contained traces of trazodone which is "an antidepressant medication ... used to treat major depressive disorder ..."[32]. This indicates that Linick was being treated for his depression, which would have reduced the risk of him committing suicide[33]. Linick's urine also contained traces of benzodiazepines which are minor tranquillisers to relieve stress and anxiety and to help people sleep[34]. Likely it was the benzodiazepine diazepam (Valium)[35]. Linick might have been too drugged to fully realise what was happening. The diphenhydramine in Linick's urine is an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy, hay fever, and the common cold[36].

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Posted: 3 February 2021. Updated: 19 February 2021.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Bruce Parks, MD

Forensic Pathology•Male•Age 65

Dr. Bruce Parks, MD is a Forensic Pathology Specialist in Tucson, AZ and has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson medical school in 1982. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Parks to book an appointment.
Dr. Parks

University Medical Center
3838 N Campbell Ave Tucson, AZ 85719

(520) 694-8888

Stephen E. Jones said...


>Dr. Bruce Parks, MD
>Forensic Pathology•Male•Age 65
>Dr. Bruce Parks, MD is a Forensic Pathology Specialist in Tucson, AZ and has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson medical school in 1982. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Parks to book an appointment.
>Dr. Parks
>University Medical Center
>3838 N Campbell Ave Tucson, AZ 85719
>(520) 694-8888

Thanks. I have found Dr Parks email address and I will email him with questions relating to his 5 June 1989 autopsy report on Timothy Linick and post his answers above.

However, since that was nearly 32 years ago, he may not remember anything about it.

Stephen E. Jones
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Stephen E. Jones said...

Here is an email I sent this morning (6 February 2021) to Dr Bruce Parks who performed Linick's autopsy on 5 June 1989:

Dr Bruce O. Parks
Department of Pathology
1501 N. Campbell Avenue
Room 5205
Tucson, Arizona 85724

Dear Dr Parks,

My name is Stephen E. Jones and I write The Shroud of Turin blog (

On 5 June 1989 you conducted an autopsy on Arizona Radiocarbon Laboratory physicist Timothy W. Linick who was found dead by gunshot on 4 June 1989.

Linick's death was presumed to be suicide, but there are reasons to think he was murdered and his death made to look like suicide.

Attached is a PDF of your autopsy report, which was recently obtained from the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner.

I realise it was nearly 32 years ago, but can you clarify the following points:

1. Linick's body was only "partially clad" with a pair of short pants, a short sleeved shirt and no underwear. Was he in sleeping clothes? Was he found dead in his bed? If elsewhere, can you remember where?

2. A blood-stained white tissue was clenched in Linick's left hand. Yet your autopsy report did not mention any wound or source of blood, other than the gunshot wound in Linick's head. a) Presumably Linick would have died instantly so he could not have wiped blood from his gunshot wound to his head or right hand? b) Was there any other source of the blood in the tissue? c) If Linick had been holding a tissue in his left hand when he shot himself in the head, would not the shock to his nervous system have been so great that he would likely have unclenched his left hand and not re-clenched it? d) If Linick had been holding the tissue in his left hand to his head to catch blood from the exit wound, would the impact of the exiting bullet have blown the tissue away? And would the blood on the tissue be far greater?

3. On the palm and index finger of Linick's left hand was "a black material". Do you remember what it was?

There is apparently no surviving police report on Linick's death. Do you have a copy of it you could email me?

Do you remember anything else about Linick or his death?

Thank you,

Stephen E. Jones

Anonymous said...
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