Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shroud of Turin: Burial sheet of Jesus! #2 Contents

Here, following part #1, "Title page", is this part #2 "Contents," of my new series, "Shroud of Turin: Burial sheet of Jesus!"

Each page of this series will be a copy-and-paste of a PowerPoint slide, which in turn is part of a presentation on the Shroud that I am preparing for church and other groups.

The PowerPoint text below is actually a JPG image, so it can be clicked on to enlarge it.

[Click on the above image to enlarge it.]

A disadvantage of the above JPG image of my PowerPoint Contents page is that it cannot be hyperlinked to the relevant posts. Therefore, I have added the following HTML copy of the above Contents page and will add links to new major heading pages when they have been posted:

  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Shroud of Turin?
  3. The Bible and the Shroud
  4. History and the Shroud
  5. Art and the Shroud
  6. Science and the Shroud
  7. The Sudarium of Oviedo
  8. Major Features of the Shroud's Image
  9. How was the Image Formed?
  10. Conclusion
  11. Questions?

Some of the posts linked to the above will not have the same headings (e.g. "Introduction" is actually "About me") because I have not posted every subsidiary contents page.

The previous post in this series was part "#1 Title page" and the next part is #3 "About me" (to introduce myself on a PowerPoint slide to my future audiences who mostly wouldn't know me).

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