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Topic index: The Shroud of Turin blog: "H-M"

I have abandoned this Topic Index because it was too time-consuming.

This is page ("H-M") of a topic index in alphabetic order of my posts to

[Right: Face of Jesus on the Homs vase:

"... a relief portrait of Christ on a silver vase that was found at Homs in Syria, and is now in the Louvre in Paris ... Firmly datable to the sixth century [it has] ... the distinctive likeness that today we instinctively recognize as Jesus Christ. And if we compare [this] ... front-facing likeness ... with the face as visible on the Shroud ... there is a very uncanny resemblance: the same frontality, the same long hair, long nose, beard, etc. It is as if someone has studied the Shroud's facial imprint and for public consumption has very carefully crafted an interpretative official likeness from this ... " (Wilson, 2010, p.135).]

this my The Shroud of Turin blog. It was formerly page "A-M" and before that "A-Z," but it grew too large and so I split page "N-Z" and then page "A-G" off from it. See page "A-G" for more information about this topic index. This index is complete up to and including 28 Mar 12 (partly).

[A-G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M] [N-R] [S-Z]

H [top]
Habermas, Gary: 17Jun08, 28Oct11
Hall, Edward: 27Jul07, 28Feb08, 03Apr08, 13Dec08, 04Jun10
hands: crossed: 11Jan10
Haralick, Robert: 21Jul09, 23Feb12
Hedges, Robert: 28Feb08, 03Apr08, 13Dec08
Heller, John: 17Feb08; book: "Report on ...": 07Aug11
Hebron: 01Nov08
history: Jerusalem to Turkey: 10Oct08; Turkey to Constantinople: 10Oct08, 11Jan10; Constantinople to Lirey: 11Jan10; first undisputed Lirey 1350s: 07Oct11
16th c: 14Jul09; 17th c: 14Jul09; undisputed: 08Dec09
Hitler: 04Jun10
hoax?: 12Apr08, 17Jun08, 26Jun08
hologram: 01Nov08, 07Nov08
Holy Face of Laon: see Sainte Face de Laon
Holy Grail: see Grail
Homs vase: 29Jul08, 16Feb12
hot statue: 21Jul07
Huxley, Thomas: 22Dec11

I [top]
Iannone, John: 24Nov07, 13Dec08; books: "The Mystery..." (2010): 16Nov10, 07Oct11
icons: Catacomb of Pontianus: 29Sep07, Moscow: 24Aug07
- anatomically correct: 04Oct10
- back: 22Mar08
- beard: 29Jul08
- beaten: 04Oct10
- bloodstained: 04Oct10
- consistent with Gospels: 04Oct10
- crowned with thorns: 04Oct10
- crucified: 04Oct10
- face: 06Jul07, 21Jul07, 08Aug07, 04Oct10
- faint: 04Oct10, 22Nov11
- front: 30Jun07, 03Apr08
- front and back: 04Oct10, 28Oct11, 22Nov11
- full-length: 09Aug07
- head to head: 28Oct11, 22Nov11
- Jew: 29Jul08
- man: 04Oct10, 22Nov11
- naked: 28Oct11, 22Nov11
- ponytail: 22Mar08
- scourged (flogged): 04Oct10
image formation: electromagnetic energy: 22Dec11; flash of light: 22Dec11; naturalistic: 08Dec09; not visible immediately?: 05Jan11; supernaturalistic: 08Dec09
inference to the best explanation: 07Feb12
invisible reweave theory: 29Sep07, 13Dec08; 60% 16th century: 13Dec08

J [top]
Jackson, John: 01Apr08, 03Apr08, 10Oct08, 21Jul09; "unconventional hypothesis" (cloth collapse theory): 18Jan12
Jackson, Rebecca: 10Oct08
Jehovah's Witnesses: 25Apr09
Jericho: 07Jun08
Jerusalem: 28Feb08, 01Nov08, 17Dec09
- burial; Jewish; 11Jan11
- died; April: 01Nov08
- face: 07Oct11
- God : 04Feb12
- judge: 07Oct11, 06Jan12, 04Feb12
- link to Shroud: 06Jan12; probability: 06Jan12
- not?: odds: 03Apr08; 19Nov08, 06Jan12
- resurrection: 08Jul07, 29Sep07, 10Oct08 [see also "resurrection"]
John, Apostle: at empty tomb: 11Jan11; recovered graveclothes?: 30Jan11; priest?: 30Jan11
John, Gospel of: 28Feb08
Johnson, Phillip: 17Apr10
Jones, Stephen: about: 10Oct11; biology degree: 12Mar09; BSTS Newsletter online: 02Nov11; Christian: 04Jun10, 07Oct11; discovered Shroud in 2005: 30Jun07, 04Dec07, 17Jun08, 07Oct11; don't need Shroud: 04Jun10; high school teacher: 12Mar09; introductory post: 30Jun07, 10Oct11; policies: private emails: 16Nov10, 18Mar11, 07Oct11
Joseph of Arimathea: 01Nov08, 30Jan11;
Jospice mattress imprint: 01Dec07
Jumper, Eric: 01Apr08, 21Jul09
Justinian II: 23Feb12

K [top]
Klosterneuburg abbey: 13Dec08, 11Jan10
Kurelek, William: 04Feb12

L [top]
Lejeune, Jerome: 11Jan10
Leonardo da Vinci: 06Jul07, 08Jul07, 13Jul07, 21Jul07, 27Jul07, 29Jul07, 14Jul09; refutation: 22Dec11
lepton: Pontius Pilate: 13Nov08, 21Jul09
linen: 04Oct10
Lirey: 1350s: 08Dec09, 07Oct11
Litt, Thomas: 26Nov08
Loken, John: 29Sep07
Luckett, Richard: 12Feb08

M [top]
Mandylion: icons: 23Apr12
Marinelli, Emanuela: 04Jun10
Marino, Joe: 10Oct08
Mary: 30Jan11
McCrone, Walter: 12Feb08, 24Feb08, 01Nov08, 07Aug11; book: "Judgment Day ...": 07Aug11
Meacham, William: 30Apr08, 02Aug08
Missouri Botanical Garden: 01Nov08
Morgan, Rex: 09Nov07
Mottern, William: 21Jul09

Posted: 9 August 2015. Updated: 2 October 2021.

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