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Topic index: The Shroud of Turin blog: "S-Z"

I have abandoned this Topic Index because it was too time-consuming.

This is page ("S-Z") of a topic index in alphabetic order of my posts to this my The Shroud of Turin blog. It was formerly page "A-Z" but it

[Above: Exact fit of the face on the Sudarium of Oviedo (right) and the Turin Shroud (left). (Bennett, J., 2001, "Sacred Blood, Sacred Image," pl.20).

"The most striking thing about all the stains [on the Sudarium of Oviedo] is that they coincide exactly with the face of the image on the Turin Shroud." (Guscin, 1998, "The Oviedo Cloth," p.26. My emphasis).
This `two factor authentication' is proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo once covered the bloodstained head of the same dead man.]

grew too large and so I split it off from now pages "A-G," "H-M," and "N-R." See page "A-G" for more information about this topic index. This index is complete up to and including 28 Mar 12 (partly).

[A-G] [H-M] [N-R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Z]

S [top]
Sagan, Carl: 07Aug11
Sainte Face de Laon: 23Apr12
Sanford, Walter: 01Nov08
Sant'Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna, Pantocrator: 16Feb12
Savarino, Silvano: books: "The Turin Shroud" (2000): 25Feb10
Savoy, house of: 14Jul09, 08Oct09; acquired Shroud 1453: 11Jan11, 07Oct11
Scavone, Daniel: 30Jan11
: 22Dec11; "none so blind ...": 22Dec11; true believers Shroud's in-authenticity: 22Dec11
Schafersman, Steven: 03Apr08, 26Nov08, 08Dec09, 18Mar11, 06Jan12
Schwartz, Lillian: 14Jul09
Schwortz, Barrie: BSTS Newsletter online: 02Nov11; Jew: 09Oct07, 04Jun10: STURP: 03Apr08
science: good v bad: 07Aug11; Shroud: 08Dec09; unable to explain: 04Jun10; naturalistically: 28Oct11; religion: non-overlapping?: 06Jan12
Science & Vie: 01Nov08
scorch: 21Jul07, 04Oct10; 03Mar12
serum albumin: 27Jul07
Shroud of Turin: importance: 07Oct11; what is: 04Oct10, 28Oct11
Shroud of Turin News (my): 2008: 10Oct08, 01Nov08, 13Dec08; 2012: 04Feb12, 07Feb12
Shroud of Turin Research Project (see "STURP")
Shroud of Turin: Burial Sheet of Jesus!: 04Oct10; PowerPoint: 04Oct11, 04Oct11, 10Oct11, 18Oct11, 28Oct11, 01Nov11, 14Nov11, 22Nov11, 14Dec11, 10Jan12
Shroud News (my): 2007: 29Jul07, 29Sep07, 09Oct07, 29Oct07, 01Dec07; 2008: 02Jan08, 22Mar08, 24Mar08, 03Apr08, 07Jun08 [continued as Shroud of Turin News]
shrouds: 07Jun08, 17Dec09
sindonology: 05Jan11; sindonologist: 17Apr10
Sistine chapel: 09Oct07
skeptics: see "sceptics"
societies: 02Jan08
solidus, coin: 23Feb12
Soons, Petrus: 01Nov08, 07Nov08
soudarion: 26Jun08, 11Jan11
spices: 01Nov08, 11Jan11
St Catherine's, Sinai: 29Jul08; Christ Pantocrator: 07Feb12, 16Feb12
statue: hot: 03Mar12; cold: 03Mar12
Sternberg, Richard: 22Dec11
Stevenson, Kenneth: 17Jun08; "My White Linen White Paper": 07Feb12
studied: 03Apr08, 12Apr08, 17Jun08, 04Oct10
STURP: 09Oct07, 01Apr08, 25Jun08, 04Jun10; 22Dec11, 18Jan12; not painting: 22Dec11; sticky tapes: 07Aug11
Sudarium of Oviedo: 04Oct10, 06Jan12, 15Jan12; blood type AB: 18Mar11; matches Shroud: 08Aug07, 17Jun08, 08Dec09, 04Jun10
superficial: 21Jul07, 27Jul07, 04Oct10; extremely: 04Jun10, 04Feb12; "one fifth of a thousandth of a millimeter": 22Dec11, 06Jan12, 04Feb12, 03Mar12, 28Mar12

T [top]
Templars: 29Oct07, 14Apr09
Templecombe: 29Oct07, 14Apr09
tenth century: 08Dec09
three-dimensional: 21Jul07, 21Jul09, 08Dec09
Thurston, Herbert: 06Jan12, 11Feb12
Tipler, Frank: 29Sep07
Tite, Michael: 28Feb08, 03Apr08, 13Dec08
Tomb: empty: Peter & John at: 11Jan11; Shroud recovered from: 11Jan11, 30Jan11; guards: 11Jan11
Tryon, Victor: 18Mar11
Tunkel, Victor: 11Jan11
Turin: Cathedral (see "Cathedrals"); Shroud: since 1578: 08Oct09, 04Oct10, 28Oct11, 14Nov11; 22Dec11; wartimes except: 1706: 14Nov11; 1939-46: 14Nov11
twelfth century: 24Aug07, 13Dec08

U [top]
ultraviolet: 22Dec11; laser: 22Dec11
Umberto II, of Savoy: bequeathed Shroud to Pope in 1983: 08Oct09, 07Oct11

V [top]
Vala, Leo: 18Oct11
vanillin: 12Feb08, 08Dec09
Vatican: believes Shroud authentic: 04Jun10; refuses to confirm it: 08Oct09, 04Jun10, 11Jan11; double-talk: 04Jun10; facing both ways: 04Jun10; pretense: 22Dec11
Vignon markings: 25Jul07, 29Jul08: radiocarbon dating wrong: 15Jan12, 11Feb12, 16Feb12, 23Feb12, 18Mar12, 23Apr12; topless square: 18Mar12
Vignon, Paul: 25Jul07, 11Feb12, 18Mar12
Villarreal, Robert: 10Oct08, 15Jan12
Vinland map: 07Aug11
VP-8 Image Analyzer: 21Jul09, 08Dec09

W [top]
Walsh, Bryan: 03Apr08
Walters, Guy: 17Apr10
water stains: 22Nov11
weave: 17Dec09; herringbone: 01Nov11; twill 3:1: 01Nov11
Whanger, Alan: 08Aug07, 01Dec07, 21Jul09, 16Feb12, 23Feb12
Wehrkamp-Richter, Reginald: 04Feb12
Wilcox, Robert: books: "The Truth ..." (2010): 12Mar10
Wilson, Ian: 11Feb08, 17Apr10; books: "Blood and ...", 07Aug11; "The Shroud" (2010): 04Feb10, 17Apr10, 16Nov10; "The Turin Shroud" (1978): 22Dec11; British Society for the Turin Shroud: Newsletter: 02Nov11; radiocarbon dating: 02Nov11
Witherington, Ben: 04Oct10
wool: 17Dec09
worship of?: 12Apr08
wounds: 04Jun10, 14Dec11: arms: 22Nov11; back: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; chest: 14Dec11; hands: 14Dec11; head: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; feet: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; face: 14Dec11; legs: 22Nov11, 14Dec11; side: 22Nov11, 14Dec11
writing?: 01Nov08; Hebrew: 07Nov08

X [top]
xrays: 29Oct07, 01Dec07

Z [top]
Zurich C14 laboratory: 28Feb08
Zygophyllum dumosum: 01Nov08, 22Nov08

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