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"Editorial and Contents," Shroud of Turin News, June 2016

Shroud of Turin News - June 2016
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This is the "Editorial and Contents," part #1 of the June 2016 issue of my Shroud of Turin News. Following this editorial, I will add excerpts from Shroud-related June 2016 news articles in separate posts, linked back to this post, with the articles' words in bold to distinguish them from mine. Click on a link below to go to that article. Articles not yet linked are planned to be commented on in this issue.

"5 minutes with ... The earliest painted representation of the Turin Shroud," Christie's, 7 June 2016.

Editorial. Rex Morgan's Shroud News: My scanning and word-processing of issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News and emailing them to Barrie Schwortz for him to convert to PDF and add to his online Shroud News archive, continued in June up to issue #52, April 1989 [Right (enlarge)], which was still mostly about the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud as "mediaeval ... AD 1260-1390" and indeed contains a copy of that Nature paper. Issues in that archive are up to #50, December 1988.

Topic index: I had not found the time to add any more of my old posts to my Topic Index in June, so it is still up to and including my post of 28 March 2012. Where it will remain because I found it was too time-consuming and so in June I replaced it with a new "The Shroud of Turin blog topics" series.

Posts: In June, I blogged 11 posts (latest uppermost): "The Shroud of Turin blog topics `L'"; "New Study: The Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo Covered the Same Person," "The Shroud of Turin blog topics `E'"; "The Shroud of Turin blog topics `N'"; "The Shroud of Turin blog topics `C'"; "The Shroud of Turin blog topics `J'"; "The Shroud of Turin blog topics Index `A-Z'"; "Problems of the Forgery Theory: Index S-Z"; "No outline #14: The man on the Shroud: The evidence is overwhelming that the Turin Shroud is authentic!"; "The 1260-1390 radiocarbon date of the Turin Shroud was the result of a computer hacking #8"; and "Editorial and Contents": Shroud of Turin News - May 2016.

As can be seen above, in June I started a new series, "The Shroud of Turin blog topics," which replaces my previous "Topic index" which proved to be too time-consuming (and uninteresting). As mentioned in my May 2016 "Editorial", I was working on a review of Phillip Dayvault's book, "The Keramion, Lost and Found," to be submitted on But I belatedly discovered that, "The ideal length is 75 to 500 words" for an customer review, and my unfinished review was already many times that! So I have abandoned that review.

Comments. In June I responded to a comment under my post of 30Sep15, which claimed: 1) that the man on the Shroud was "skinny," when 2) Lk 7:34 and Mt 11:19 imply that he was "chubby"; and 3) the man on the Shroud has long hair which is forbidden by 1Cor 11:14-15. I responded: 1) The man on the Shroud is not skinny. In my post, "The Shroud of Turin: 3.2. The man on the Shroud," there is a photo of a sculpture of the Shroud man [Left (enlarge)[2].] based on his image on the Shroud, which shows that he is "powerfully built" and has a "muscular physique." 2) The Greek word for "glutton" in Lk 7:34 and Mt 11:19 is phagos, from phago "to eat," so it simply means "eater," and has no connotation about body shape. It is not the other word for "glutton," gaster = "belly," which could connote body shape. Besides, Jesus was not a glutton: that was only what His enemies claimed. 3) Paul in 1Cor 11:14-15 is not talking about men having long hair, but men wearing their hair in effeminate hair styles[3]. The ESV correctly translates the Greek word kome, "Hair ... the way that it is styled"[4] in v.14 as "wears long hair" (my emphasis). I also pointed out that Jesus had a crown of thorns placed on His head (Mt 27:29; Mk 15:17; Jn 19:2), and His clothes had been taken off Him (Mt 27:35; Mk 15:24; Lk 23:34; Jn 19:23-25), so any hair ties He had been wearing would have disappeared long before His image was imprinted on the Shroud.

My radiocarbon dating hacker theory: As can be seen above, in June I posted part #8 of my hacker theory, which was about Karl Koch. Now that Dan Porter's blog has closed, I regard myself as free from my self-imposed ban from reading Porter's blog's posts and comments, which was to prevent me from being sucked into responding to comments (mostly nasty) about me on Porter's blog. A post of Porter's which amused me was his worry that:

"The problem is that it may only be a matter of time before we read in the media that people who think the shroud is authentic believe that the carbon dating of the shroud was hacked by computer hackers."[5]

[Right: Porter's photo of the alleged hacker, Arizona radiocarbon dating laboratory physicist Timothy W. Linick (1946-89)]

I agree with Porter, except that I expect it will be "only be a matter of time before we read in the media that ... the carbon dating of the shroud was hacked by computer hackers"! I was surprised it had not already happened, but then I realised that the anti-Christian secular media was only too happy to report when the 1988 radiocarbon dating `proved' the Shroud was a medieval fake. So they will be conversely reluctant to admit that they have all been duped these last ~28 years by a computer hacker! Nevertheless, when I have finished my current, "The 1260-1390 radiocarbon date of the Turin Shroud was the result of a computer hacking" series, I plan to post here a Media Release of my hacker theory's main points and email it to major media outlets.

Updates to my posts in the background in June included: "Problems of the Forgery Theory: Index A-F," "G-M," "N-R" and "S-Z."

Pageviews: At midnight on 30th June, Google Analytics [below (enlarge)] gave this blog's "Pageviews all time history" as 544,771 and "Pageviews last month" as 8,461. It also gave the most viewed posts for the month as: "The Shroud of Turin blog topics Index `A-Z'," Jun 19, 2016 - 78; "Re: Shroud blood ... types as AB ... aged blood always types as AB, so the significance of this ... is unclear," Mar 18, 2011 - 71"; "The Pray Manuscript," Jan 11, 2010 - 69; "`Editorial and Contents': Shroud of Turin News - May 2016," Jun 1, 2016 - 59; and "The Shroud of Turin: 3.6. The man on the Shroud and Jesus were crucified," Dec 2, 2013 - 54.

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Posted: 10 July 2016. Updated: 4 June 2018.

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