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Topic index "A" and Index: The Shroud of Turin blog

TOPIC INDEX "A" and Index
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I have reluctantly decided to abandon this Topic Index series. It is taking up too much of my scarce time and most of the entries are unimportant.

This is "Topic index `A' and Index" of my re-started index to topics that

[Right (Enlarge)[FCW]: "Icon of Christ Acheiropoietos ("not made by [human] hands"). Lit. a = "not" + cheiro = "hands" + poietos = "made" (Mk 14:58; 2Cor 5:1; Col 2:11)[ZS92, 305]," Moscow School, 12th c. Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. This photo is of a copy of the Image of Edessa[CN88, 157; DP08, 6], which is the face one-eighth panel of the Shroud "four-doubled" (tetradiplon) - see 15Sep12. As with the Holy Face of Laon, which was evidently painted by the same artist[CN88, 157], this face of Jesus has many Vignon markings[see 23Apr12]. This photo is from Acheiropoietos below.]

I have posted to this my The Shroud of Turin blog. See my abandoned 2015 Topic Index A-G, etc; and 2016 "The Shroud of Turin blog topics Index `A-Z'". But this time I will prepare the topics on Gmail on my phone, using the time I waste reading news articles! Again, I will start from my first post and work forward. I will post one of the 26 pages each day, including blank ones. That will give me time to catch up with my "Shroud of Turin News" which I haven't posted since the "May - July 2022" issue on 16 August 2022! Existing pages of this Topic Index will then be updated in the background. The main reason I am re-starting this topic index is that I have forgotten some of what I have posted in more than 620 posts these last nearly 17 years! This will also help me write my book in progress, "Shroud of Turin: Burial Sheet of Jesus!" (see 06Jul17, 03Jun18, 04Apr22, 13Jul22 & 8 Nov 22).

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Acetta, A. 09Oct07, 29Oct07.
Acheiropoietos 24Aug07.
Adams, F. 11Feb08.
Albumin. 21Jul07, 27Jul07.
Allen, N. 13Jul07.
Archbishops: Turin: Poletti 01Dec07.
Art 06Nov07, 02Nov07.
Artistic theories. 21Jul07.
Ashe, G. 21Jul07.

1. This post is copyright. I grant permission to extract or quote from any part of it (but not the whole post), provided the extract or quote includes a reference citing my name, its title, its date, and a hyperlink back to this page. [return]

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Posted 17 April 2024. Updated 11 May 2024.

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