Monday, November 4, 2019

Cover: The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus! #1

The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!
© Stephen E. Jones

This is the cover page and part #1 of my new online book, "The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!"

I had become bogged down (yet again!) in fine details in my word-processed book of the same name, that I worried if I would live long enough to finish it (I turn 73 this week). So I am going to first write my book online, mostly `off the top of my head', with minimal references. As I did with my word-processed book, I will write this online book for about an hour almost every morning. So I will probably build up a backlog of posts of it. This book series will be my highest priority and to squeeze sections of it in, I may post two or more sections at a time. The Contents page, part #2, will be the book's main index.

I have abandoned writing my book online. Reasons include: 1) I am not keeping to the above schedule; 2) it is duplicating my "The evidence is overwhelming ..." series; 3) I need to finish my "Chronology of the Turin Shroud" series because that will provide material for the history of the Shroud chapters in my book; and 4)I am writing an outline of my book on my phone, almost every day, and the outline will eventually become the book.

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[Above (enlarge)[2]: The Shroud face negative in sepia, photographed by Giuseppe Enrie (1886-1961) in 1931.]

Continued in part #2 of this series.

1. This post is copyright. I grant permission to quote from any part of this post (but not the whole post), provided it includes a reference citing my name, its subject heading, its date, and a hyperlink back to this page. [return]
2. Based on the online photograph at, "Shroud University - Exploring the Mystery Since 33 A.D.," Shroud of Turin Education Project, Inc., Peachtree City, GA. [return]

Posted: 4 November 2019. Updated: 11 October 2021.


Anonymous said...

"I turn 73 this week"

Happy birthday Stephen !

Stephen E. Jones said...


>>"I turn 73 this week"

>Happy birthday Stephen !

Thank you.

Stephen E. Jones
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