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Contents: The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus! #2

The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!
© Stephen E. Jones

This is the Contents page and part #2 of my online book, "The Shroud

[Above (enlarge): Secondo Pia's 29 May 1898[2] negative photograph of the Shroud face[3], which because it is a photographic positive[4], proves that the Shroudman's image is a photographic negative[5]. It is therefore, next to the Shroudman's image itself[6], the most important photograph ever taken!]

of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!" This page is the main index to this online book. I will write a word-processed version of this online book in parallel. The topics in this online book will be the equivalent of chapters in the word-processed book. For more information see the Cover, part #1. When a topic is linked it has been posted.

I have abandoned writing my book online. See the Cover page for the reasons.

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  1. Preface #3
  2. What is the Shroud of Turin? #8
  3. A linen cloth #10
  4. The man on the Shroud
  5. Other marks and images on the Shroud
  6. Bible and the Shroud
  7. History of the Shroud
  8. Prehistory of the Shroud
  9. Art and the Shroud
  10. Archaeology and the Shroud
  11. Science and the Shroud
  12. The Sudarium of Oviedo
  13. How was the image formed?
  14. Problems of the forgery theory
  15. Objections answered
  16. Conclusion

Continued in part #3 of this series.

1. This post is copyright. I grant permission to quote from any part of this post (but not the whole post), provided it includes a reference citing my name, its subject heading, its date, and a hyperlink back to this page. [return]
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