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Bears image of a naked man: The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus! #15

The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!
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This is, "Bears image of a naked man," part #15 of my online book, "The Shroud of Turin: The Burial Sheet of Jesus!" For more information see the Cover #1, Contents #2 and Preface #3, of this series.

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  1. What is the Shroud of Turin? #8
    1. Bears image of a naked man #15
The Shroud bears the faint[2], double image[3], front and back[4], head to head[5], of a naked man[6].

[Right (enlarge)[7]: Full-length image of the Shroud after the 2002 restoration.]

As can be seen, this muscular[8], bearded[9], man on the Shroud is entirely naked[10].

Although his hands are crossed covering his genitals[11], the back image shows that he is completely naked[12].

Jesus was crucified naked, His clothes having been taken off Him and divided between His Roman soldier executioners (Mt 27:35; Mk 15:24; Lk 23:34; Jn 19:23-24)[13].

Continued in part #16 of this series.

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Posted: 6 July 2020. Updated: 13 July 2020.

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